Preety Praveen.

-Psychologist | Author | Poet | Theatre Artist & Director -


I’m a psychologist by profession and had a passion for writing since childhood. I’ve written poems and stories and even tried my hand at writing and directing a couple of theatre plays and short movies.

I strongly believe that to be happy, we’ve to make our surroundings happy. And following my heart, I’ve always tried to be a helping hand for the needy through social work.
The royal taste in my nature comes from the aristocratic land of Patiala. I feel blessed to find my soulmate in the God’s own country, Kerala. Mother of two, I’ve beautifully devoted and dedicated my time to give them the best.
After living in Middle East for almost two decades, in 2019 I shifted back home and now I’m fully settled in Bangalore. I’ve a vision of starting a clinic where I would use my knowledge of psychology and blend it in an artistic way to help and treat the needy.
I’ve written and directed couple of theatre plays. Some of my best works are; Onam in Oman, Scream of a silence and Ashiyana Mera.
Hesitancy, my short film was screened at Kochi Metro Film Festival in Bahrain. Another short film, Lakeerein, was screened in a competition held by ICRF Bahrain, and had won the best critic award.
My short story, Mehak, was among the best stories in the Indian Film Project, 2019.
I want to pursue my passion for writing as it let me pour out my thoughts and feelings and above all connect to readers from different parts of the world.

My latest release

To accomplish the dreams of her parents, Simar, a girl from Punjab, lands up in Tamilnadu to complete her degree in dentistry. But fate had written a different story for her. Struggling to survive in a new world, she meets the love of her life, Naveen, a boy from Kerala. Smiling in the world of their love, they weave a beautiful life around their dreams. But everything changes once Naveen leaves India, trying his luck to get a job abroad. After a year, he comes back to marry her…but…is she still there waiting for him…???

Some pictures from my theater